At HOMEFIELD, we focus on outdoor living and our six categories: Shade, Water, Fire, Land, Play and Shelter. We want you to know the latest in outdoor living experiences within our six categories and what we can do for your outdoor areas.

Summer Grilling Food Safety Tips

In observance of  July being national grilling month, here are some summer grilling food safety tips. Preparing  At home, refrigerate meat and poultry immediately. Raw meat and poultry always should be stored below other foods to prevent cross-contamination. Freeze ground meat and poultry that will not be used within two days. Larger cuts of meat,…

Post Jump SpringFree Trampoline Summer Snacks

SpringFree Trampolines make for great summer fun and exercise but also make for hungry kiddos too! Here a few post snack healthy snacks for the summer… Sweet & Fruity, nachos! This post-jump snack is one that your kids are sure to dive right into after a long jumping session. It’s fun to create, great to share,…

Happy Grilling! Happy Independence Day of Fourth of July?

As we have just celebrated one of the biggest grilling days of the year there is still the age old question at hand, should you refer to the holiday as “the Fourth of July” or “Independence Day?” When 18th-century state legislatures planned the first July 4 observances, they didn’t bother to give the day a…

The Reasons Why We Fly the Red, White and Blue

As an American owned and based company, HOMEFIELD is proud to carry many American made products.  Here is an article about the true reasons the red, white and blue were selected to represent our country’s flag. There is often confusion and misinformation behind the meanings and origins behind the colors of the American Flag.  The American Flag is symbolic in many ways….